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Cement - Del 1: Sammansättning och fordringar för ordinära cement

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This European Standard defines and gives the specifications of 27 distinct common cements, 7 sulfate resisting common cements as well as 3 distinct low early strength blast furnace cements and 2 sulfate resisting low early strength blast furnace cements and their constituents. The definition of each cement includes the proportions in which the constituents are to be combined to produce these distinct products in a range of nine strength classes. The definition also includes requirements which the constituents have to meet. It also includes mechanical, physical, and chemical requirements. Furthermore, this standard states the conformity criteria and the related rules. Necessary durability requirements are also given. In addition to those sulfate resisting cements defined in the present document, other cements conforming either to this standard or to other standards, European or national, have been nationally demonstrated to have sulfate resisting properties. These cements which are listed in Annex A, are considered by different CEN Member countries as sulfate resisting within the limits of their territory.NOTE 1 In addition to the specified requirements, an exchange of additional information between the cement manufacturer and user can be helpful. The procedures for such an exchange are not within the scope of this standard but should be dealt with in accordance with national standards or regulations or can be agreed between the parties concerned. NOTE 2 The word “cement” in EN 197-1 is used to refer only to common cements unless otherwise specified. This European Standard does not cover: - very low heat special cement covered by EN 14216; - supersulfated cement covered by EN 15743; - calcium aluminate cement covered by EN 14647; - masonry cement covered by EN 413-1.


Cement, gips, kalk, bruk (91.100.10)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Cement och byggkalk, SIS/TK 185

Internationell titel: Cement - Part 1: Composition, specifications and conformity criteria for common cements

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Fastställd: 2011-09-29

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Ersätter: SS 134204 , SS-EN 197-4:2004 , SS-EN 197-1/A1:2004 , SS-EN 197-1 , SS-EN 197-1/A3:2007