Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 1993-3-1:2006

Eurokod 3: Dimensionering av stålkonstruktioner - Del 3-1: Torn och master

Status: Gällande · Korrigeras av: SS-EN 1993-3-1:2006/AC:2009

(1) This Part 3.1 of EN 1993 applies to the structural design of lattice towers and guyed masts and to the structural design of this type of structures supporting prismatic, cylindrical or other bluff elements. Provisions for self-supporting and guyed cylindrical towers and chimneys are given in Part 3.2 of EN 1993. Provisions for the guys of guyed structures, including guyed chimneys, are given in EN 1993-1-11 and supplemented in this Part.

(2) The provisions in this Part of EN 1993 supplement those given in Part 1.

(3) Where the applicability of a provision is limited, for practical reasons or due to simplifications, its use is explained and the limits of applicability are stated.

(4) This Part does not cover the design of polygonal and circular ligthing columns, which is covered in EN 40. Lattice polygonal towers are not covered in this Part. Polygonal plated columns (monopoles) may be designed using this Part for their loading. Information on the strength of such columns may be obtained from EN 40.

(5) This Part does not cover special provisions for seismic design, which are given in EN 1998-3.

(6) Special measures that might be necessary to limit the consequences of accidents are not covered in this Part. For resistance to fire, reference should be made to EN 1993-1-2.

(7) For the execution of steel towers and masts, reference should be made to EN 1090.


Tekniska aspekter (91.010.30) Övriga aspekter (91.010.99) Eurokod 3, Stålkonstruktioner (91.070.03) Eurokod, övrigt (91.070.80) Stålkonstruktioner (91.080.13)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Stål- och aluminiumkonstruktioner samt samverkanskonstruktioner i stål och betong, SIS/TK 188

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Fastställd: 2006-11-06

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