Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 15910:2014

Vattenundersökningar - Vägledning för beståndsskattning av fisk med mobila hydroakustiska metoder

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This European Standard specifies a standardized method for data sampling and procedures for data evaluation of fish populations in large rivers, lakes and reservoirs, using hydroacoustic equipment deployed on mobile platforms (boats and vessels).
This standard covers fish population abundance estimates of pelagic and profundal waters > 15 m mean depth with the acoustic beam oriented vertically, and the inshore and surface waters of water bodies > 2 m depth with the beam oriented horizontally. The size structure of fish populations can only be determined to a relatively low degree of precision and accuracy, particularly from horizontally-deployed echosounders. As acoustic techniques are presently unable to identify species directly, other direct fish catching methods should always be used in combination.
This standard provides recommendations and requirements on equipment, survey design, data acquisition, post-processing of data and results and reporting. A selected literature with references in support of this standard is given in the Bibliography.


Undersökning av vattens biologiska egenskaper (13.060.70)


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