Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 10360-12:2016

Geometriska produktspecifikationer (GPS) - Leveranskontroll och periodisk kalibrering av koordinatmätsystem (CMS) - Del 12: Ledad mätarm (ISO 10360-12:2016)

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ISO 10360-12:2016 specifies the acceptance tests for verifying the performance of an articulated arm CMM by measuring calibrated test lengths as stated by the manufacturer. It also specifies the reverification tests that enable the user to periodically reverify the performance of the articulated arm CMM. It applies to articulated arm CMMs using tactile probes and optionally optical distance sensors (also referred to as laser line scanners or laser line probes). Details on tests for scanner accessories are given in Annex E. ISO 10360-12:2016 does not specify how often or when testing is performed, if at all, nor does it specify which party should bear the cost of testing. This part of ISO 10360 specifies - performance requirements that can be assigned by the manufacturer or the user of the articulated arm CMM, - the manner of execution of the acceptance and reverification tests to demonstrate the stated requirements, - rules for proving conformance, and - applications for which the acceptance and reverification tests can be used.


Mätinstrument (17.040.30)


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Framtagen av: GPS och verifiering - Mätteknik, SIS/TK 507/AG 06

Internationell titel: Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - Acceptance and reverification tests for coordinate measuring systems (CMS) - Part 12: Articulated arm coordinate measurement machines (CMM) (ISO 10360-12:2016)

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