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Bevarande av kulturarv - Riktlinjer för karaktärisering av natursten

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This European Standard specifies a methodology for the characterization of sound or deteriorated stones by using the most appropriate analytical techniques on samples taken from the object.
This European Standard contains guidelines for the selection of methods to determine mineralogical, textural, physical, chemical and mechanical properties of natural stone used in cultural heritage monuments and objects. This information is used to define rock typology and to evaluate the stone’s condition with respect to its conservation as well as for understanding of deterioration processes of natural stone. Where possible existing standards are referred to and guidance provided where different specimens are required and additional methods used. The methods described are generally destructive, however, non-destructive (NDT) methods are always preferable to methods with a minimum of destruction and those are always preferable to destructive methods.
Methods used for stone analysis can vary depending upon the objectives of the work. All investigation and analysis need be proportional to the significance of the building or artefact being investigated, its condition and the likely level of intervention. This European Standard will be used to determine the kind, extent, and objectives of the examination to be made.


Konstföremål och hantverksprodukter. Kulturegendom och kulturarv (97.195)


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Framtagen av: Bevarande av kulturarv, SIS/TK 479

Internationell titel: Conservation of Cultural Heritage - Guidelines to characterize natural stone used in cultural heritage

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