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Värmeisoleringsprodukter för byggnader - In situ-formad expanderad perlit (EP) - Del 1: Egenskapsredovisning för bundna produkter och lösfyllnadsprodukter före installation

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This document specifies the requirements covering the four product types of expanded perlite products Perlite Aggregate (EPA), Coated Perlite (EPC), Hydrophobic Perlite (EPH) and Premixed Perlite (EPM), containing less than 1 % organic material as defined by annex D for in-situ insulation of roofs, ceilings, walls and floors. This document is a specification for the insulation products before installation. This document describes the product characteristics and includes procedures for testing, evaluation of conformity, marking and labelling. This document does not specify the required level of a given property to be achieved by a product to demonstrate fitness for purpose in a particular application. The levels required for a given application are to be found in regulations or non-conflicting standards. This document does not cover factory made insulation products of formed shapes and boards made with expanded perlite or in-situ products intended to be used for the insulation of building equipment and industrial installations. This document does not specify performance requirements for airborne sound insulation and for acoustic absorption applications.


Värme och ljudisolerande material (91.100.60)


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Framtagen av: Material- och isoleringssystem, SIS/TK 189/AG 01

Internationell titel: Thermal insulation products for buildings - In-situ thermal insulation formed from expanded perlite (EP) products - Part 1: Specification for bonded and loose-fill products before installation

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Fastställd: 2004-12-03

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