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Analysmetod för analys av propikonazol i träskyddsbehandlade prover

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This CEN Technical Report specifies a laboratory method for determining the content of propiconazole in treated wood using either Gas Chromatography (GC) or High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).

The method is aiming at determining the treatment quality at the time of treatment.

NOTE 1 Under appropriate circumstances the method is applicable for tebuconazole-treated wood as well as for the analysis of waste timber with respect to its propiconazole content.

The method has a detection limit lower than 1 µg propiconazole/g and a quantification limit corresponding to 30 µg propiconazole/g of wood material expressed as dry matter. It can be used over a measurement range up to a propiconazole content of 600 µg/g of dry matter.

NOTE 2 This method may need some modifications with some wood species such as hardwoods.


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Internationell titel: Analytical Method for the Analysis of Propiconazole in treated Wood Samples

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