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Simultantolkning - Mobila bås - Krav (ISO 4043:2016)

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ISO 4043:2016 provides requirements and recommendations for the manufacturing of mobile simultaneous interpreting booths. The main features of mobile booths that distinguish them from permanent simultaneous interpreting booths are that they can be dismantled, moved and set up in a conference room not equipped with permanent booths. This document also ensures the usability and accessibility of booths for all interpreters, including those with special needs.
Requirements for the use and siting of mobile booths are described in Annex A.
In conjunction with either ISO 2603 or this document, ISO 20108 and ISO 20109 provide the relevant requirements both for the quality and transmission of sound and image provided to interpreters and for the equipment needed in the booths.


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Internationell titel: Simultaneous interpreting - Mobile booths - Requirements (ISO 4043:2016)

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