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Termisk sprutning - Metalliska och andra oorganiska beläggningar - Zink, aluminium och dess legeringar - Del 2: Villkor för utförande av korrosionsskydd genom termisk sprutning (ISO 2063-2:2017)

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ISO 2063-2:2017 specifies requirements for corrosion protection of steel structures, components or parts, which are coated by thermal spraying of zinc, aluminium or their alloys. ISO 2063-2:2017 specifies requirements for coating manufacturers of surface preparation, thermal spraying, testing and post treatments, e.g. sealing of the coating. ISO 2063-2:2017 applies to metallic corrosion protection coatings in the case of new fabrication in the workshop, as well as on-site and for repair on-site after assembly. Requirements for coating thickness, minimum adhesive strength and surface conditions, specified in a coating specification, are given. Recommendations are given for suitable process steps and quality assurance measures for new production and maintenance and for supervising of corrosion protection works. ISO 2063-2:2017 covers the application of thermal-sprayed zinc, aluminium and their alloys for protection against corrosion in the temperature range between ?50 °C to +200 °C. Heat-resistant protective coatings of aluminium are covered by ISO 17834 and are not in the scope of ISO 2063-2:2017. ISO 2063-2:2017 specifies requirements for the equipment, the working place and the qualification of the spray and testing personnel. NOTE ISO 2063-1:2017 is addressed to the designer and to the planning engineer of corrosion protection system.


Ytbehandling (25.220.20) Metalliska ytbeläggningar (25.220.40)


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