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Termisk sprutning - Prövning av operatörer (ISO 14918:2018)

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ISO 14918:2018 specifies procedural instructions for qualification testing of thermal sprayers. It defines requirements, ranges of qualification, test conditions, acceptance requirements and certification for qualification testing of thermal spray performance. ISO 14918:2018 is applicable when the thermal sprayer's qualification is required by this document, the purchaser, by inspection authorities or by other organizations. The thermal spraying processes referred to in this document include those spraying processes which are designated as manual or mechanized. The test for mechanised application includes the use of automatically controlled thermal spraying, e.g. robotics, scan units.


Svetsmetoder (25.160.10) Ytbehandling (25.220.20)


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Framtagen av: AGS 448 Termisk sprutning, SIS/TK 134/AG 08

Internationell titel: Thermal spraying - Qualification testing of thermal sprayers (ISO 14918:2018)

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Fastställd: 2018-06-12

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