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Handhållna icke-elektriskt drivna maskiner - Säkerhetskrav - Del 13:Spikningsverktyg (ISO 11148-13:2017)

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ISO 11148-13:2017 specifies safety requirements for hand-held non-electric power tools (hereinafter referred to as "fastener driving tools") intended for installation of a fastener (see Annex B), forming a mechanical connection or attachment with the workpiece which are for example wood and wood-based materials, plastic materials, fibre materials (loose or compacted), cementitious materials, metals and combinations of these materials. The fastener driving tools for fasteners can be powered by compressed air or combustible gases (which may be ignited by a battery or accumulator) and the energy is transmitted to an impacted element by an intermediary component that does not leave the device. These tools are intended to be used by one operator and supported by the operator's hand or hands, with or without a suspension, e.g. a balancer.
ISO 11148-13:2017 is applicable to fastener driving tools in which energy is applied to a loaded fastener for the purpose of driving this into a workpiece.
ISO 11148-13:2017 is not applicable to fastener driving tools in which the energy for driving fasteners is drawn from powder-actuated cartridges, hydraulics or from any type of electrical supply.
ISO 11148-13:2017 does not deal with special requirements and modifications of hand-held power tools for the purpose of mounting them in a fixture.
ISO 11148-13:2017 deals with all significant hazards, hazardous situations or hazardous events relevant to fastener driving tools for fasteners when they are used as intended and under conditions of misuse which are reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer, with the exception of the use of power tools in potentially explosive atmospheres.
NOTE ISO 80079?36 gives requirements for non-electrical equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres.


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Internationell titel: Hand-held non-electric power tools - Safety requirements - Part 13: Fastener driving tools (ISO 11148-13:2017)

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Fastställd: 2018-12-06

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