Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 14395-1:2005

Vattenförsörjning - Organiska materials påverkan på dricksvatten - Organoleptisk provning av magasinerat vatten - Del 1: Provningsmetod

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This document specifies a test method for determining the organoleptic properties (odour, flavour, colour and turbidity) of test waters after their contact with products made from organic materials used in storage systems (tanks, reservoirs, ancillaries and their coatings both for factory and site applied products).
Products containing cementitious materials are not covered by this document.
The test method described in this standard is applicable to products to be used under various conditions for the storage of water intended for human consumption and raw water used for the manufacture of water intended for human consumption. Coatings or protective layers on products which are not intended to be in contact with these types of waters are not covered by this method.
This document specifies the test method comprising a set of procedures with and without a disinfection pretreatment and possible temperatures for the test waters. The use of the disinfection pretreatment and the choice of the test temperature are dependant on the relevant national regulations and/or the system or product standards.


Dricksvatten (13.060.20) Allmänna vattenundersökningar (13.060.45)


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