Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 13982-1:2005

Skyddskläder för användning mot fasta partiklar - Del 1: Fodringar på prestanda för skyddskläder mot kemikalier som ger skydd för hela kroppen mot luftburna fasta partiklar (Skyddskläder Typ 5) (ISO 13982-1:2004)

Status: Gällande · Tillägg: SS-EN ISO 13982-1:2005/A1:2010

This part of ISO 13982 specifies the minimum requirements for chemical protective clothing resistant to penetration by airborne solid particles (type 5). These garments are full-body protective clothing, i.e. covering trunk, arms and legs, such as one-piece coveralls or two piece suits, with or without hood or visors, with or without foot protection. Requirements for component parts, such as hoods, gloves, boots, visors or respiratory protective equipment might be specified in other International and European Standards. This part of ISO 13982 is applicable only to airborne solid particulates. It is not applicable to other forms of challenge by solid chemicals, e.g. penetration of chemical dust through materials by rubbing or flexing, which may form the object of separate standards.


Skyddskläder (13.340.10)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Kemikalieskydd, SIS/TK 402/AG 03

Internationell titel: Protective clothing for use against solid particulates - Part 1: Performance requirements for chemical protective clothing providing protection to the full body against airborne solid particulates (type 5 clothing) (ISO 13982-1:2004)

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