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Geoteknisk undersökning och provning - Identifiering och klassificering av jord - Del 2: Klassificeringsprinciper (ISO 14688-2:2017)

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ISO 14688-2:2017 specifies the basic principles for classification of those material characteristics most commonly used for soils for engineering purposes. It is intended to be read in conjunction with ISO 14688-1, which gives rules for the identification and description of soils. The relevant characteristics could vary and therefore, for particular projects or materials, more detailed subdivisions of the descriptive and classification terms could be appropriate. Due to differences in local geological conditions, practices to enhance relevant classification criteria are used. The classification principles established in this document allow soils to be classified into groups of similar composition and geotechnical properties, based on the results of field and laboratory tests with respect to their suitability for geotechnical engineering purposes. ISO 14688-2:2017 is applicable to natural soil in situ, natural soil reworked artificially and synthetic materials. A more detailed classification specific to use in earthworks is given in EN 16907-2. NOTE 1 Identification and description of rocks are covered by ISO 14689. Identification and description of materials intermediate between soil and rock are carried out using the procedures in ISO 14688-1, this document and ISO 14689, as appropriate. NOTE 2 The identification and classification of soil for pedological purposes, as well as in the framework of measurements for soil protection and for remediation of contaminated areas, is covered by ISO 25177.


Provtagning och undersökning av jord Markarbete, utgrävning, grundläggning, arbete under jord


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Internationell titel: Geotechnical investigation and testing - Identification and classification of soil - Part 2: Principles for a classification (ISO 14688-2:2017)

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Ersätter: SS-EN ISO 14688-2:2004 , SS-EN ISO 14688-2:2004/A1:2013