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Karaktärisering av avfall - Vägledning för användning av ekotoxikologiska tester vid karaktärisering av avfall

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Ecotoxicity tests can be applied to wastes to identify their potential hazardous properties with respect to the environment or to assess the risk related to a site-specific exposure scenario. This document provides guidance for the selection and use of ecotoxicity tests for both applications.

This document focuses on the following selected field of applications:
a) Basic ecotoxicological characterization;
b) Site-specific exposure scenario;
c) Landfill management:
1) monitoring of leachates;
2) mineral waste going to non-controlled landfill sites.
d) Re-use of waste:
1) use of sludge in agriculture;
2) use of mineral waste in road construction.

The user should be aware that other fields of application can also be covered by ecotoxicological testing not being in the scope of the document. The ecotoxicological assessment of waste within other scenarios might need the development of other test strategies.

Depending on the waste type and the assessment goal, relevant criteria are described for the selection of a test strategy and the suitable ecotoxicity test(s).

This document also provides guidance for individual ecotoxicity test protocols to meet the specific demands of waste testing (e.g. limitations, test design, confounding factors).The tests recommended represent a minimum test battery that may be accomplished by additional tests or even be replaced by others according to the waste, the intended use or protection goal envisaged.


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Internationell titel: Characterization of waste - Guidance on the use of ecotoxicity tests applied to waste

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