Standard Svensk standard · SS-ISO 10816-7:2009

Vibration och stöt - Mätning och bedömning av maskinvibrationer på icke-roterande delar - Del 7: Rotodynamiska pumpar för industriella tillämpningar, inkluderande mätningar på roterande axlar (ISO 10816-7:2009, IDT)

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This part of ISO 10816 gives instructions for the evaluation of vibration on rotodynamic pumps for industrial applications with nominal power above 1 kW. It defines the special requirements for evaluation of vibration when the vibration measurements are made on non-rotating parts (bearing housing vibration). It provides specific guidance for assessing the severity of vibration measured on bearing housings of rotodynamic pumps in situ and for the acceptance test at the manufacturer’s test facility or in the plant. This part of ISO 10816 also gives general information and guidelines for assessing relative shaft vibration of the rotating shaft.

This part of ISO 10816 specifies zones and limits for the vibration of horizontal and vertical pumps irrespective of their support flexibility. The general evaluation criteria are valid for operational monitoring of rotodynamic pumps and for acceptance tests in situ or at the manufacturer’s test facility if specified. For the acceptance test at the manufacturer’s test facility, special conditions are given.

For monitoring the vibration values during long-term operation, two criteria are provided for assessing the machine vibration. One criterion considers the magnitude of the observed vibration and the second considers changes in magnitude. The evaluation criteria are applicable for the vibration produced by the pump itself and not for vibration which is transmitted to the pump from external sources. The criteria mainly serve to ensure a reliable, safe long-term operation of the pump, simultaneously minimizing harmful effects on connected devices. Additionally, recommendations are given for defining operational limits and setting alarm and trip values.


Vibrationer och stöt, vibrationsmätning (17.160)


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