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Färg och lack - Korrosionsskydd av stålkonstruktioner genom målning - Del 9: Rostskyddssystem och metoder för utförande och laboratorieprovning på offshore och tillhörande konstruktioner (ISO 12944-9:2018)

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ISO 12944-9:2018 specifies the performance requirements for protective paint systems for offshore and related structures (i.e. those exposed to the marine atmosphere, as well as those immersed in sea or brackish water). Such structures are exposed to environments of corrosivity category CX (offshore) and immersion category Im4 as defined in ISO 12944-2. ISO 12944-9:2018 describes paint systems for high durability according to ISO 12944-1. ISO 12944-9:2018 is applicable to structures made of carbon steel and does not cover Cd/Bi Cr and Zn/Bi Cr surfaces. It is not applicable to surfaces under insulation or concrete. This document is applicable for paint systems intended for a service temperature range between -20 °C and +80 °C, and the performance testing is aimed at verifying suitability of the paint systems for this temperature range. ISO 12944-9:2018 is applicable for paint systems for submerged service (Im4) which are intended for ambient operating temperatures up to a maximum of 50 °C. ISO 12944-9:2018 specifies: - the test methods to be used to determine the composition of the separate components of the protective paint system; - the laboratory performance test methods for the assessment of the likely durability of the protective paint system; - the criteria to be used to evaluate the results of performance tests. ISO 12944-9:2018 covers the requirements for new work and any repairs necessary before start-up. It can also be used in relation to maintenance where complete refurbishment is carried out and the underlying metal substrate is completely exposed by abrasive blast-cleaning. ISO 12944-9:2018 does not address maintenance in general where methods of surface preparation other than abrasive blast-cleaning are typically used. ISO 12944-9:2018 deals with structures, made of carbon steel of not less than 3 mm thickness, which are designed using an approved strength calculation. The following are not covered by this document: - structures built of stai ...


Korrosion (77.060) Målning (87.020) Färg och lack (87.040)


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