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This document defines grades and the corresponding requirements for malleable cast irons. This document specifies five grades of whiteheart malleable cast iron and nine grades of blackheart malleable cast iron, based on mechanical properties measured on cast samples (which are test pieces). This document specifies Brinell hardness values determined only when these values are requested by the purchaser. This document does not cover technical delivery conditions for malleable cast iron castings. Reference should be made to EN 1559 1 [3] and EN 1559 3 [4]. This document does not cover chemical composition, except phosphorus (see Clause 6).


Gjut- och tackjärn (77.080.10)


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Internationell titel: Founding - Malleable cast irons

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Fastställd: 2019-03-26

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Ersätter: SS-EN 1562:2012