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Mikrostruktur i gjutjärn - Part 2: Grafitklassificering med bildanalys (ISO/TR 945-2:2011)

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This part of ISO 945 deals with the two-dimensional characterisation of graphite form and size in cast irons.

A standard method for determining graphite form by image analysis had not been developed at the time of this report, but several methods are in use in the industry. The purpose of this part of ISO 945 is to give an illustration of what is possible and to suggest ways in which the technique might develop in the future.

This part of ISO 945 does not apply to the graphite distribution of grey (lamellar graphite) cast iron as defined in ISO 945-1.

This part of ISO 945 describes procedures used to carry out image analysis of graphite form and size and provides a method of comparison to the results obtained using visual analysis techniques.

It does not specify any particular mathematical description of the graphite forms but provides a means for comparison.

NOTE A mathematical description of graphite form is given in ISO 16112. Other mathematical descriptions of graphite forms and information on technical research are given in the Bibliography.


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Internationell titel: Microstructure of cast irons - Part 2: Graphite classification by image analysis (ISO/TR 945-2:2011)

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