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Gjutjärn - Klassificering och beteckning för gjutimperfektioner (ISO/TR 16078:2013, IDT)

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This Technical Report gives the classification and designation of casting imperfections.

It mainly applies to iron castings produced in sand moulds.

It can, however, also be applied for other cast materials and other casting techniques. Specific examples are given in Table 3

In order to avoid any confusion, the types of imperfection are defined with explanations and illustrations where necessary.

NOTE This technical report does not contain any information regarding the causes of the imperfection and possible solutions to avoid the imperfection. For this, the publications as listed in the bibliography should be consulted.


Gjut- och tackjärn (77.080.10) Gjutgods av stål och järn (77.140.80)


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Framtagen av: Gjutet järn och stål, SIS/TK 130

Internationell titel: Cast Irons - Classification and designation of casting imperfections (ISO/TR 16078:2013, IDT)

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