Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 14492-1:2006+A1:2009

Lyftkranar - Maskindrivna vinschar och block - Del 1: Maskindrivna vinschar

Status: Gällande · Korrigeras av: SS-EN 14492-1:2006+A1:2009/AC:2010

This European Standard is applicable to the design, information for use, maintenance and testing of power driven winches for which the prime mover is an electric motor, hydraulic motor, internal combustion motor or pneumatic motor. They are designed for the lifting and lowering of loads which are suspended on hooks or other load handling devices or for the lifting and lowering of loads on inclined planes or the exclusive pulling of loads on planes which are normally horizontal.

NOTE Within the period of utilization, the place of use of a winch may be variable.
As a rule, a winch is used without any additional transport movement.
This European Standard is applicable to the following types of winch:
a) rope winches;
b) chain winches;
c) belt winches, except steel belts used as hoisting media;
d) traction winches.

These types of winches a) to d) also include the following specific applications:
- vehicle recovery winches;
- winches on boat trailers;
- forestry winches;
- winches for stationary offshore applications;
- winches for drilling applications;
- winches to be used exclusively for the pulling of loads.

NOTE Examples are shown in Annex A.

This European Standard does not apply to:
- power-driven hoists in accordance with EN 14492-2;
- winches for seagoing vessels and mobile offshore units;
- winches for the lifting of persons;
- NGL building hoists in accordance with EN 14492-2;
- winches for the handling of hot molten masses (risk covered by EN 14492-2).

The significant hazards covered by this European Standard are identified in Clause 4.

This European Standard does not specify additional requirements for hazards related to the use of winches in explosive atmospheres in underground works.

This document applies to winches manufactured after approval by CEN with a transitional period of 2 years.


Lyftkranar (14.250) Lyftkranar (53.020.20) Övrigt (53.020.99)


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