Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 19650-1:2019

Strukturering av information om byggd miljö - Informationshantering genom byggnadsinformationsmodellering - Del 1: Begrepp och principer (ISO 19650-1:2018)

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This document outlines the concepts and principles for information management at a stage of maturity described as "building information modelling (BIM) according to the ISO 19650 series". This document provides recommendations for a framework to manage information including exchanging, recording, versioning and organizing for all actors. This document is applicable to the whole life cycle of any built asset, including strategic planning, initial design, engineering, development, documentation and construction, day-to-day operation, maintenance, refurbishment, repair and end-of-life. This document can be adapted to assets or projects of any scale and complexity, so as not to hamper the flexibility and versatility that characterize the large range of potential procurement strategies and so as to address the cost of implementing this document.


IT-tillämpningar inom bygg- och anläggningsindustri (35.240.67) Byggnadsindustrin Allmänt (91.010.01)


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