Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 10079-1:2015

Medicinsk sugutrustning - Del 1: Elektriskt driven sugutrustning (ISO 10079-1:2015)

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· Tillägg: SS-EN ISO 10079-1:2015/A1:2019
This part of ISO 10079 specifies safety and performance requirements for electrically powered medical and surgical suction equipment. It applies to equipment used in health care facilities such as hospitals, for domiciliary care of patients and for field and transport use.

This part of ISO 10079 does not apply to the following:
a) central power supply (by vacuum/compressed air generation), piping systems of vehicles and buildings, and wall connectors;
b) end-pieces such as suction catheters, drains, curettes, Yankauer suckers and suction tips;
c) syringes;
d) dental suction equipment;
e) anaesthetic gas scavenging systems;
f) laboratory suction;
g) autotransfusion systems;
h) mucus extractors including neonatal mucus extractors;
i) suction equipment where the collection container is downstream of the vacuum pump;
j) ventouse (obstetric) equipment;
k) suction equipment marked for endoscopic use only;
l) plume evacuation systems.


Utrustning för anestesi, respiration och återupplivning (11.040.10)


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