Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 14545:2008

Träkonstruktioner - Mekaniska förbindare av stål - Krav

Status: Gällande

This European Standard specifies requirements and test methods for materials, geometry, strength, stiffness and durability aspects (i.e. corrosion protection) of connectors for use in load bearing timber structures.

Only connectors manufactured from steel are covered by this European Standard, like shear plates, split ring connectors, tooth plate connectors, punched metal plate fasteners and nailing plates. Definitions of these items are given in Clause 3.

This European Standard specifies also the evaluation of conformity procedures and includes requirements for marking of these products.

This European Standard does not cover connectors treated with fire retardants to improve their fire performance.


Träkonstruktioner (91.080.20)


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Framtagen av: Bärande träkonstruktioner, SIS/TK 182/AG 04

Internationell titel: Timber structures - Connectors - Requirements

Artikelnummer: STD-67515

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Fastställd: 2008-10-10

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