Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 13914-1:2016

Konstruktion, beredning och applicering av utvändig och invändig puts - Del 1: Utvändig puts

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This European Standard specifies requirements and recommendations for the design, preparation and application of
— renders based on cement, lime or other mineral binders, and/or combinations thereof, masonry cement and polymer modified binder based external renderings, in accordance with EN 998-1 or site made renders;
— renders based on organic binders in accordance with EN 15824
on all common types of backgrounds. It includes rendering on both new and old backgrounds and the maintenance and repair of existing work. This document gives guidance on the use of established site, factory and semi-finished factory made renders.
This document does not cover the following:
a) the use and application of special renders for liquid retaining structures, e.g. coatings, and for backgrounds to cladding systems;
b) the structural repair of concrete;
c) the installation of external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS);
d) the specification and use of sealants used to seal joints for use with rendering;
e) the use of gypsum based renders used externally, but their use may be permitted in some countries;
Gypsum based products soften when subject to prolonged moist conditions. The use of such products externally will depend upon the climatic conditions where the render will be used and on the local building traditions. With the exception of some drier countries in southern Europe gypsum based renders are generally not recommended for external use and are therefore not included within the scope of this document. However, their use may be permitted and controlled locally.1)
f) renders on historical monuments or buildings in protected areas which may be regulated by national codes;
g) the design and installation of flashings at windowsills and elsewhere.


Cement, gips, kalk, bruk (91.100.10) Mineral material och produkter (91.100.15) Betong och betongprodukter (91.100.30) Byggarbeten (92.200.20)


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Internationell titel: Design, preparation and application of external rendering and internal plastering - Part 1: External rendering

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