Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 1917

Avlopp - Brunnar av oarmerad, stålfiberarmerad och armerad betong

Status: Gällande · Korrigeras av: SS-EN 1917/AC:2007

This European Standard specifies performance requirements as defined in Table 1 and describes test methods for precast concrete units for inspection chambers designed to be used for inverts not exceeding 2 metres deep and manholes, of circular, rectangular (with or without chamfered or rounded corners) or elliptical internal shape, unreinforced, steel fibre and reinforced, with nominal sizes and normal length not exceeding DN 1 250 (circular) or LN 1 250 (rectangular or elliptical). The intended use is to permit access to, and to allow aeration of, drain or sewer systems for the conveyance of sewage, rainwater and surface water under gravity or occasionally at low head of pressure, mainly installed in areas subjected to vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic. Requirements for joints (elastomeric, plastomeric or other sealing materials, either integrated in the unit or supplied separately) are also specified. Provision is made for the evaluation of conformity of units to this European Standard. Marking conditions are included.


Betong och betongprodukter (91.100.30) Utvändiga avloppssystem (93.030)


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