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Strukturering av information om byggnadsverk - Del 2: Ramverk för klassificering (av information) (ISO 12006-2:2015, IDT )

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ISO 12006-2:2015 defines a framework for the development of built environment classification systems. It identifies a set of recommended classification table titles for a range of information object classes according to particular views, e.g. by form or function, supported by definitions. It shows how the object classes classified in each table are related, as a series of systems and sub-systems, e.g. in a building information model. ISO 12006-2:2015 does not provide a complete operational classification system, nor does it provide the content of the tables, though it does give examples. It is intended for use by organizations which develop and publish such classification systems and tables, which may vary in detail to suit local needs. However, if this part of ISO 12006 is applied in the development of local classification systems and tables, then harmonization between them will be facilitated. ISO 12006-2:2015 applies to the complete life cycle of construction works, including briefing, design, documentation, construction, operation and maintenance, and demolition. It applies to both building and civil engineering works, including associated engineering services and landscaping.


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