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Sanitetsarmaturer - Tappventiler och blandare (PN 10) - Allmänna krav

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This document specifies: -- the field of application for pillar taps, bib taps, single and multi-hole combination taps: - for a supply system Type 1, (see Figure 1); - for a supply system (Type 2, (see Figure 2); -- the dimensional, tightness, pressure resistance, hydraulic, mechanical strength, endurance and acoustic characteristics of nominal size ½ and ¾ single taps and combination taps; -- test methods to verify the characteristics. NOTE Tests described in this document are type tests and not quality control tests carried out during manufacture. This document applies to draw-off taps (single taps and combination taps) for use with sanitary appliances installed in rooms used for bodily hygiene (cloakrooms, bathrooms etc.) and in kitchens i.e. for use with baths, wash basins, bidets, showers and sinks. Figure 1 shows the supply system of Type 1 with a pressure range of (0,05 to 1,0) MPa (0,5 to 10) bar. Figure 2 shows the supply system of Type 2 with a pressure range of (0,01 to 1,0) MPa (0,1 to 10) bar. This document applies to sanitary draw-off taps of nominal size ½ and ¾ (PN 10). The conditions of use and classifications are given in Table 1. It does not cover mechanical mixing valves, thermostatic mixing valves, shower accessories or taps adapted for special use (e.g. hose union taps)


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Internationell titel: Sanitary tapware - Single taps and combination taps (PN 10) - General technical specification

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Fastställd: 2005-07-14

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Ersätter: SS-EN 200

Ersätts av: SS-EN 200:2008