Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 326-2:2010+A1:2014

Träbaserade skivor - Kontroll - Del 2: Första typprovning och tillverkningskontroll i fabrik

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This European Standard specifies methods for internal initial type testing (ITT) and internal factory production control (FPC) as well as external control of wood-based panels for their compliance with EN 13986 and other relevant product specifications. However, it may also apply, at the option of the manufacturer, to wood-based panels applied for non-construction purposes. This European Standard is not applicable for the assessment of compliance with specifications of panels comprised in consignments. In such cases, EN 326-3 applies. For internal factory production control, if required, methods for the assessment of conformity of batches and of production over longer periods are given. For external control, if required, methods for the initial inspection of a factory and initial type testing of a product, and for the surveillance of the factory production control, are given. In the factory production control small test pieces are used. The statistics of evaluation is based on normal distribution.


Träbaserade skivor Allmänt (79.060.01)


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