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Färg och lack - Termer och definitioner (ISO 4618:2014)

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This International Standard defines terms used in the field of coating materials (paints, varnishes and raw materials for paints and varnishes).

Terms relating to specific applications and properties are dealt with in standards concerning those applications and properties, e.g. corrosion protection, coating powders.

Terms on nanotechnologies are harmonized with ISO/TS 80004-4.

In addition to terms in English and French (two of the three official ISO languages), this International Standard gives the equivalent terms in German; these are published under the responsibility of the member body for Germany (DIN). However, only the terms and definitions given in the official languages can be considered as ISO terms and definitions.

NOTE 1 Those terms that are defined elsewhere in this International Standard are shown in italics.

NOTE 2 See also the ISO online browsing platform (OBP):


'Produktionsteknik (01.040.25) Färgindustri (01.040.87) Ytrengöring (25.220.10) Målning (87.020) Färg och lack (87.040)


Språk: Engelska Franska Tyska

Framtagen av: Färg och lack, SIS/TK 433

Internationell titel: Paints and varnishes - Terms and definitions (ISO 4618:2014)

Artikelnummer: STD-103226

Utgåva: 3

Fastställd: 2014-10-19

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Ersätter: SS-EN ISO 4618:2006