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Flyg- och rymdteknik – LOTAR – Långsiktig arkivering och återsökning (LOTAR) av digital teknisk produktdokumentation såsom 3D-, CAD- och PDM-data – Del 110: Mekanisk 3D CAD, Explicit geometri

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1.1 Introduction This document defines the requirements on a digital archive to preserve for the long term the 3D explicit geometry of single CAD parts. The goal is to preserve the 3D information without loss with respect to the geometry produced by the original CAD system, following the principles laid down in EN 9300-003 "Fundamentals and Concepts" including the use of an open data format. 1.2 In scope The following is in scope of this part of EN 9300: - business specification for long term archiving and retrieval of CAD 3D explicit geometry (see Clause 5); - essential information of CAD 3D explicit geometry (solids, curves, surfaces, and points) to be preserved (see Clause 6); - data structures detailing the main fundamentals and concepts of CAD 3D explicit geometry (see Clause 7); - verification rules to check CAD 3D explicit geometry for consistency and data quality (see Clause 8); - validation rules to be stored with the CAD 3D explicit geometry in the archive to check essential characteristics after retrieval (see Clause 9). NOTE This includes the geometrical external shape resulting from CAD disciplines 3D entities (e.g., 3D Structural components, 3D Tubing, 3D electrical harness, 3D composite, etc.). 1.3 Out of scope The following is outside the scope of this part of EN 9300: - the formal definition of validation and verification rules to check 3D explicit geometry for consistency and data quality using a machine-readable syntax; - implicit or parametric geometry; - Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T), Product & Manufacturing Information (PMI); - assembly structures; - presentation of explicit geometry.


Dokumentation av tekniska produkter (01.110) IT- tillämpningar inom information, dokumentation och förlagsverksamhet (35.240.30) Flygplan och rymdfarkoster Allmänt (49.020)


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Internationell titel: Aerospace series - LOTAR -LOng Term Archiving and Retrieval of digital technical product documentation such as 3D, CAD and PDM data - Part 110: CAD mechanical 3D Explicit geometry information

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