Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 16440:2016

Petroleum- och naturgasindustrier - Rörledningssystem - Konstruktion, tillverkning och underhåll för skyddsrör av stål (ISO 16440:2016)

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ISO 16440:2016 specifies requirements, including corrosion protection, for the design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of steel-cased pipelines for pipeline transportation systems in the petroleum and natural gas industries in accordance with ISO 13623.
NOTE 1 Steel casings can be used for mechanical protection of pipelines at crossings, such as at roads and railways and the installation of a casing at a highway, railway, or other crossing can be required by the permitting agency or pipeline operator.
NOTE 2 This document does not imply that utilization of casings is mandatory or necessary.
NOTE 3 This document does not imply that cased crossings, whether electrically isolated or electrically shorted, contribute to corrosion of a carrier pipe within a cased crossing. However, cased crossings can adversely affect the integrity of the carrier pipe by shielding cathodic protection (CP) current to the carrier pipe or reducing the CP effectiveness on the carrier pipe in the vicinity of the casing. Their use is not recommended unless required by load considerations, unstable soil conditions, or when their use is dictated by sound engineering practices.


Utrustning för hantering av petroleumprodukter och naturgas (75.200) Stålrör (77.140.75)


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Internationell titel: Petroleum and natural gas industries - Pipeline transportation systems - Design, construction and maintenance of steel cased pipelines (ISO 16440:2016)

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