Standard Tekniska specifikationer · SIS-CEN/TS 16937:2016

Nanoteknologi - Vägledning till ansvarsfull utveckling av nanoteknologi

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This Technical Specification provides a guidance for the responsible development of nanotechnologies taking into account:

— Board Accountability;
— Stakeholder Involvement;
— Worker Health and Safety;
— Benefits to and Risks for Public Health, Safety and the Environment;
— Wider Social and Ethical Implications and Impacts;
— Engagement with Business Partners;
— Transparency and Disclosure.
NOTE 1 This Technical Specification contributes to social responsibility as defined in ISO 26000:2010.
NOTE 2 Nanotechnology activities include industrial production, R&D, services, and marketing of products.
This Technical Specification neither covers labelling and advertising aspects nor is it intended for certification purposes, nor does it imply any legally binding agreements.
This Technical Specification intends to cover nanotechnology activities involving manufactured nanomaterials, and where relevant incidental nanomaterials.


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Internationell titel: Nanotechnologies - Guidance for the responsible development of nanotechnologies

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