Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 420:2004+A1:2009

Skyddshandskar - Allmänna krav och provningsmetoder

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This standard defines the general requirements and relevant test procedures for glove design and construction, resistance of glove materials to water penetration, innocuousness, comfort and efficiency, marking and information supplied by the manufacturer applicable to all protective gloves.

NOTE It can also be applicable to arm protectors and gloves permanently incorporated in containment enclosures.

This European Standard does not address the protective properties of gloves and therefore should not be used alone but only in combination with the appropriate specific European Standard(s).

A non exhaustive list of these standards is given in the Bibliography.


Skyddshandskar (13.340.40)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Skyddshandskar, SIS/TK 402/AG 08

Internationell titel: Protective gloves - General requirements and test methods

Artikelnummer: STD-71845

Utgåva: 1

Fastställd: 2009-11-23

Antal sidor: 36

Ersätter: SS-EN 420:2004/AC:2006 , SS-EN 420:2004