Standard Tekniska rapporter · SIS-CEN/TR 12101-5:2005

System och komponenter för rök- och brandgaser - Del 5: Riktlinjer för funktionella rekommendationer och beräkningsmetoder för ventilationssystem för rök och värmeutsläpp

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This Technical Report gives recommendations and guidance on functional and calculation methods for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems for steady-state design fires. It is intended for a variety of building types and applications, including single-storey buildings, mezzanine floors, warehouses with palletized or racked storage, shopping malls, atria and complex buildings, car parks, places of entertainment and public assembly and un-compartmented space within multi-storey buildings. This Technical Report does not include any functional recommendations for design parameters where the primary purpose of the SHEVS is to assist fire-fighting. NOTE Such functional recommendations need to be agreed with the fire service responsible for the building in question. The calculation procedures set out in the annexes of this Technical Report can be used to design the SHEVS to meet whatever recommendations have been agreed. This Technical Report does not cover the following:  smoke clearance, where smoke is exhausted from a building after the fire has been suppressed;  cross-ventilation, where wind-induced or fan-induced air currents sweep smoke through and out of the building, usually as part of fire-fighting operational procedures;  ventilation of stairwells, which usually represents a special application of smoke clearance and which does not necessarily protect the continued use of the stairwell;  fully-involved fires.


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Internationell titel: Smoke and heat control systems - Part 5: Guidelines on functional recommendations and calculation methods for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems

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