Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 15767-1:2009

Brand och räddning - Portabel utrustning för släckmedel i brandpumpar - Portabla monitorer - Del 1: Allmänna krav för konstruktion av portabla monitorer

Status: Gällande

1.1 This European Standard specifies safety requirements, performance requirements, test methods, instructions for use and maintenance, and marking requirements for portable monitor assemblies.

NOTE 1 Additional requirements for water nozzles and foam devices can be found in EN 15767-2 and prEN 15767-3 respectively.

NOTE 2 Fitting systems are dealt with in national standards or requirements, respectively.

This European Standard is applicable to portable monitor assemblies that can be both permanently installed (e.g. on a flange, a vehicle, a fire boat, etc.) and can also be used as portable monitor assemblies.

This standard should be read in conjunction with either part 2 or 3.

1.2 This European Standard is not applicable to monitors permanently installed on firefighting and rescue service vehicles, for which requirements are given in EN 1846-3 [2].

1.3 This European Standard is not applicable to portable monitor assemblies which are manufactured before its date of publication.


Brandbekämpning (13.220.10)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: SIS - Tjänster och personlig säkerhet

Internationell titel: Portable equipment for projecting extinguishing agents supplied by fire fighting pumps - Portable monitors - Part 1: General requirements for portable monitor assemblies

Artikelnummer: STD-70038

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Fastställd: 2009-06-15

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