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Grafisk teknik - Kvantifiering och kommunikation vid beräkning av koldioxidutsläpp för elektroniska medieprodukter (ISO 20294:2018, IDT)

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This document specifies the requirements for quantifying the carbon footprint of those processes, materials and technologies within the user's knowledge and control that are necessary for the delivery and use of e-media. It covers requirements to account for e-media archiving, distribution, use and storage. It is based on a life cycle assessment (LCA) approach, using defined system boundaries and a specified functional unit as the basis for complete or partial carbon footprinting studies. These data can be referenced throughout supply chains for individual e-media products. This document is applicable to a carbon footprint of a product (CFP) study of e-media regarding contents and e-media devices. This document provides a framework for carbon calculators that organisations can follow and that can be used as the structure for market- or sector-specific carbon footprinting tools. Studies and tools constructed within this framework methodology provide carbon footprint quantifications of e-media that can be validated, verified and provide reference for future studies. This document does not assess any social or economic aspects or impacts, or any other environmental aspects and related impacts potentially arising from the life cycle of a product.


Produkters livscykler (13.020.60) Grafisk teknik Allmänt (37.100.01)


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Internationell titel: Graphic technology - Quantification and communication for calculating the carbon footprint of e-media (ISO 20294:2018, IDT)

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