Standard Tekniska specifikationer · SIS-CEN/TS 16663:2016

Träskydd - Bestämning av emissioner till miljön från träskyddsbehandlat virke - Produkter och komponenter av trä exponerade i användningsklass 3 - Metod som efterliknar fältförhållanden

Status: Gällande

This Technical Specification specifies a method for determining the leaching of active ingredients or other compounds from treated wood by a semi-field method for use class 3 (outdoor above ground). The preservative treated wood can be tested with or without subsequently surface coating or other water-repellent treatment. The method is applicable to the testing of commercial or experimental preservatives or paint systems applied to timber by methods appropriate to commercial practice.


Miljöpåverkansbedömning (13.020.30) Träskyddande kemikalier (71.100.50)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Beständighet, SIS/TK 182/AG 03

Internationell titel: Durability of wood and wood-based products - Determination of emissions from preservative treated wood to the environment - Wooden commodities exposed in Use Class 3 (Not covered, not in contact with the ground) - Semi-field method

Artikelnummer: STD-8023833

Utgåva: 1

Fastställd: 2016-12-01

Antal sidor: 28

Ersätter: SIS-CEN/TR 16663:2014