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Utomhusluft - Standardmetod för mätning av bensenkoncentrationer - Del 4: Diffusionsprovtagning med efterföljande termisk desorption och gaskromatografi

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This part of EN 14662 is in accordance with the generic methodology selected as the basis of the European Union for the determination of benzene in ambient air [1] for the purpose of comparison of measurement results with limit values with a one-year reference period.
This part of EN 14662 gives general guidance for the sampling and analysis of benzene in air by diffusive sampling, thermal desorption and capillary gas chromatography.
This part of EN 14662 is valid for the measurement of benzene in a concentration range of approximately 0,5 µg/m3 to 50 µg/m3 in an air sample typically collected over a period of 14 days.
The upper limit of the useful range is set by the sorptive capacity of the sorbent and by the linear dynamic range of the gas chromatograph column and detector or by the sample splitting capability of the analytical instrumentation used. The lower limit of the useful range depends on the noise level of the detector and on blank levels of benzene and/or interfering artefacts on the sorbent. Artefacts are typically sub ng for sorbents
such as graphitised carbon, but higher levels of aromatic hydrocarbons have been noted in other sorbents.


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Internationell titel: Ambient air quality - Standard method for measurement of benzene concentrations - Part 4: Diffusive sampling followed by thermal desorption and gas chromatography

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