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Geoteknisk undersökning och provning - Geohydraulisk provning - Del 1: Allmänna regler (ISO 22282-1:2012)

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ISO 22282-1:2012 establishes the general rules and principles for geohydraulic testing in soil and rock as part of the geotechnical investigation services in accordance with EN 1997-1 and EN 1997-2. ISO 22282-1:2012 defines concepts and specifies requirements relating to permeability measurement in soil and rock. The different purposes of geohydraulic testing are to obtain information on the permeability of soil or rock in natural or treated states, transmissivity and storage coefficient, and hydrodynamic parameters of aquifers. Geohydraulic testing is used for many purposes, such as: absorption capacity and effectiveness of grouting in rock mass; assessment of seepage and drainage; assessment of groundwater lowering work; effects of cut-offs for dams; effects of tunnels and shaft sinking; checking fill or cover tightness; assessment of the flow of fluids and suspensions in the ground; planning for remedial measures. ISO 22282-1:2012 deals with the execution of tests with groundwater and does not explicitly consider other fluids and suspensions. The flow of other fluids and suspensions can be considered by applying the different viscosities and relations between transmissivity, permeability coefficient and intrinsic permeability.


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Internationell titel: Geotechnical investigation and testing - Geohydraulic testing - Part 1: General rules (ISO 22282-1:2012)

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