Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN ISO 16387:2014

Markundersökningar - Föroreningars effekt på Enchytraeidae (Enchytraeus sp.) - Bestämning av effekter på reproduktion (ISO 16387:2014)

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This International Standard specifies one of the methods for evaluating the habitat function of soils and determining effects of soil contaminants and chemicals to the reproduction of Enchytraeus sp. by dermal and alimentary uptake in a chronic test. It is applicable to soils and soil materials of unknown quality e.g. from contaminated sites, amended soils, soils after remediation, agricultural or other sites under concern and waste materials. Effects of substances are assessed using a standard soil, preferably a defined artificial soil substrate. For contaminated soils, the effects are determined in the test soil and in a control soil. According to the objective of the study, the control and dilution substrate (dilution series of contaminated soil) should be either an uncontaminated soil comparable to the soil sample to be tested (reference soil) or a standard soil (e.g. artificial soil). Information is provided how to use this method for testing chemicals under temperate conditions. The method is not applicable to volatile substances, i.e. substances for which H (Henry's constant) or the air/water partition coefficient is greater than 1, or for which the vapour pressure exceeds 0,013 3 Pa at 25 °C. NOTE No provision is made in the test method for monitoring the persistence of the substance under test.


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