Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 15863:2015

Karaktärisering av avfall - test av grundläggande lakegenskaper - Dynamisk laktest för monoliter med periodiskt utbyte av lakvätska vid bestämda testförhållanden

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This European Standard is applicable for determining the leaching behaviour of monolithic wastes under dynamic conditions. The test is performed under fixed experimental conditions in this document. This test is aimed at determining the release as a function of time of inorganic constituents from a monolithic waste, when it is put into contact with an aqueous solution (leachant). This dynamic monolithic leaching test (DMLT) is a parameter specific test as specified in EN 12920 and is therefore not aimed at simulating real situations. The application of this test method alone is not sufficient for the determination of the detailed leaching behaviour of a monolithic waste under specified conditions. In the framework of EN 12920 and in combination with additional chemical information, the test results are used to identify the leaching mechanisms and their relative importance. The intrinsic properties can be used to predict the release of constituents at a given time frame, in order to assess the leaching behaviour of monolithic waste materials, placed in different situations or scenarios (including disposal and recycling scenarios). The test method applies to regularly shaped test portions of monolithic wastes with minimum dimensions of 40 mm in all directions that are assumed to maintain their integrity over a time frame relevant for the considered scenario. The test method applies to test portions for which the geometric surface area can be determined with the help of simple geometric equations. The test method applies to low permeable monolithic materials. Within the reproducibility ranges, the leaching results obtained with EN 15863 are expected to be equivalent to those obtained with CEN/TS 16637-2 (DMLT for construction products), because the main testing conditions are equalized in both standards. As shown in the results obtained with EN 15863 (see Annex E), they are also demonstrated to be comparable with EPA method 1315 (SW846). These observations imply tha...


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