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Karaktärisering av avfall - Laktest - Kontrolltest för utlakning från granulära material och slam - Del 2: Enstegs skaktest vid L/S 10 l/kg för material med partikelstorlek mindre än 4 mm (utan eller med nedkrossning)

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This part of four European Standards specifies a compliance test providing information on leaching of granular wastes and sludges under the experimental conditions specified hereafter, and particularly a liquid to solid ratio of 10 l/kg dry matter. It applies to waste which has a particle size below 4 mm without or with size reduction (as specified in 4.3.2) This European Standard has been developed to investigate mainly inorganic constituents from wastes. It does not take into account the particular characteristics of non-polar organic constituents nor the consequences of microbiological processes in organic degradable wastes. The test procedure specified in this European Standard produces an eluate which shall subsequently be characterised physically and chemically according to appropriate standard methods. NOTE 1 This procedure cannot be applicable to materials with a water content or such a water affinity that a good mixing of the solid with the predetermined quantity of liquid is not achievable. NOTE 2 This procedure cannot be applicable to materials reacting with the leachant, leading, for example, to excessive gas emission, a solidifying effect or an excessive heat release. NOTE 3 By crushing the material, new surfaces are exposed which may lead to a change in leaching properties. This test cannot be used alone to determine the leaching behaviour of a waste, as specified in ENV 12920 . This European Standard does not address issues related to health and safety.


Fast avfall Flytande avfall, slam


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Framtagen av: Karaktärisering av avfall, mark och slam, SIS/TK 535

Internationell titel: Characterization of waste - Leaching - Compliance test for leaching of granular waste materials and sludges - Part 2: One stage batch test at a liquid to solid ratio of 10 l/kg for materials with particle size below 4 mm (without or with size reduction)

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Fastställd: 2003-01-10

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