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Akustik - Buller från maskiner och utrustning - Regler för utformning av produktspecifika mätstandarder (ISO 12001:1996)

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The International Standard specifies the technical requirements of a noise test code for a specific family of machinery or equipment. It is primarily applicable to stationary machinery and equipment, including hand-held tools, as well as those that present hazards due to mobility or load lifting.

The purpose of a noise test code is to permit comparable test results to be obtained on the noise emissions of machines from the same family, thus enabling users to make comparisons and to check the declared noise emission data. The quantities described in a noise test code are also useful for noise specifications in private contracts, for planning and for noise reduction purposes.

Specific test codes for various types of machinery and equipment are established and used in accordance with the requirements of basic International Standards. Standardized noise test codes give detailed requirements on mounting, loading and operating conditions for the particular family to which the machinery under test belongs, as well as the location of a work station(s) and other specified positions (if any).

The purpose of this International Standard is to assist technical standardization committees responsible for specific families of machinery or equipment in preparing noise test codes to ensure that such noise test codes
- are as homogeneous as possible, with each individual test code having the same basic structure;
- are in full accordance with basic standards on measurement, declaration and verification of noise emissions; and
- reflect the latest technical knowledge of methods of determining the noise emissions from the specific family of machinery or equipment under consideration.

NOTE 1 Annex A lists the basic International Standards to be used in the drafting of a noise test code. An outline of a typical noise test code summarizing the information that is required is given in annex B. Noise emission quantities are described in annex C.


Buller förorsakat av maskiner och utrustning (17.140.20)


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Internationell titel: Acoustics - Noise emitted by machinery and equipment - Rules for the drafting and presentation of a noise test code (ISO 12001:1996)

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