Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 12496:2013

Galvaniska anoder för katodiskt skydd i havsvatten och salthaltigt slam

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This European Standard specifies the minimum requirements and gives recommendations for the chemical composition, the electrochemical properties, the physical tolerances, and the test and inspection procedures for cast galvanic anodes of aluminium, magnesium and zinc based alloys for cathodic protection in sea water and saline mud.
This European Standard is applicable to the majority of galvanic anodes used for seawater and saline mud applications, i.e. cast anodes of trapezoidal, "D", or circular cross section and bracelet type anodes.
The general requirements and recommendations of this European Standard may also be applied to other anode shapes, e.g. half-spherical, button, etc., which are sometimes used for seawater applications.


Korrosion (77.060)


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