Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 10225-1:2019

Svetsbara konstruktionsstål för fasta offshorekonstruktioner - Del 1: Plåt

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This document specifies requirements for weldable structural steels, in the form of plates, to be used in the fabrication of fixed offshore structures. The following thickness limitations are given in this standard: - S355NLO up to and including 200 mm; - S355MLO, S420MLO, S460MLO, S500MLO up to and including 120 mm; - S420QLO, S460QLO, S500QLO, S550QLO, S620QLO, S690QLO up to and including 150 mm. Greater thicknesses can be agreed, provided the technical requirements of this European Standard are maintained. This European Standard is applicable to steels for offshore structures, designed to operate in the offshore sector, including plate for structural hollow sections (see EN 10225-4). It does not apply to plates supplied for the fabrication of subsea pipelines, risers, process equipment, process piping and other utilities. It is primarily applicable to the North Sea Sector, but may also be applicable in other areas provided that due consideration is given to local conditions e.g. design temperature. NOTE This document has an informative Annex F on the prequalification of steels for fixed offshore structures in arctic areas. Minimum yield strengths up to 690 MPa are specified together with impact properties at temperatures down to -40 °C.


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