Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 14566:2008+A1:2009

Fästdon för montering av gipsskivor - Definitioner, krav och provningsmetoder

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This European Standard specifies the characteristics and performance of mechanical fasteners, including nails, screws and staples, intended to be used for the fixing of gypsum plasterboard, gypsum boards with fibrous reinforcement, products from secondary processing and suitable ancillary products as shown in Figure 2, to timber and metal, as appropriate, in building construction works. The fasteners secure the board to the framing enabling its surface to be finished by jointing or plastering to receive decoration. They can also be used for the construction of the framing and for the connection between substructure and load bearing components and for fixing boards together. Mechanical fasteners contribute to the stability of the assembly.

This European Standard covers the following product performance characteristics: reaction to fire and flexural strength to be measured according to the corresponding European test methods.

It provides for the evaluation of conformity of the product to this European Standard.

This European Standard also covers the additional technical characteristics that are of importance for the use and acceptance of the products by the construction industry and the reference tests for these characteristics.

This European Standard does not cover nails, screws and staples intended for use with materials other than plasterboard and the plasterboard based products referred to above and their associated system components.


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Internationell titel: Mechanical fasteners for gypsum plasterboard systems - Definitions, requirements and test methods

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Ersätter: SS-EN 14566:2008