Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 13414-1:2004+A2:2008

Stållinestroppar - Säkerhet - Del 1: Stroppar för allmänna lyftändamål

Status: Gällande

This European Standard specifies the construction requirements, calculation of WLL, verification, certification and marking of steel wire rope slings for general lifting service. It covers single-, two-, three- and four-leg slings, with ferrule-secured or spliced eye terminations and spliced or ferrule-secured endless slings made from 8 mm to 60 mm diameter 6 strand ordinary lay steel wire rope with fibre or steel core and 8 strand ordinary lay steel wire rope with a steel core conforming to EN 12385-4.

The standard assumes a working coefficient (factor of safety) of five.

!This standard does not cover slings for single use, i.e. one trip slings, having a working coefficient lower than 5.

" This standard does not cover matched sets of slings with spliced eyes.

This document is not applicable to slings which are manufactured before the date of publication of this document by CEN.

The hazards covered by this Part of EN 13414 are identified in clause 4.

These wire rope slings are intended for lifting objects, materials or goods.

Guidance on the information which should be provided with an enquiry or order is given in annex A.

NOTE Information for use and maintenance, including operating temperature ranges, is given in Part 2 of this standard.


Lyftredskap (14.270) Lyfttillbehör och lyftredskap (53.020.30)


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Internationell titel: Steel wire rope slings - Safety - Part 1: Slings for general lifting service

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Ersätter: SS-EN 13414-1:2004/A1:2005 , SS-EN 13414-1:2004