Standard Svensk standard · SS-EN 12195-2

Lastsäkringsanordning på vägfordon - Säkerhet - Del 2: Surrningsutrustning av konstfiber

Status: Gällande

This Part of EN 12195
- specifies safety requirements for web lashing made from man-made fibres with flat woven webbings for multiple use and of lashing combinations with woven webbings for the safe surface transport of goods on road vehicles, e.g. trucks and trailers which are used on roads or located on vessels or on rail waggons and/or combinations thereof;
- includes only tensioning devices to be hand driven with a maximum hand force of 500 N;
- specifies methods for testing of web lashing for securing of loads;
- deals with the significant hazards which could occur when web lashings are in use as intended and under conditions foreseen by the manufacturer (see clause 4 and Annex A);
- includes composite load restraint assemblies also for the same purpose as above.


Lyftredskap (14.270) Fordon Allmänt (43.020) Lastbilar och släp (43.080.10) Lagerutrustningar (53.080) Varudistribution (55.180)


Språk: Engelska

Framtagen av: Lastsäkring - Godstransporter, SIS/TK 591

Internationell titel: Load restraint assemblies on road vehicles - Safety - Part 2: Web lashing equipment made from man-made fibres

Artikelnummer: STD-29234

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Fastställd: 2000-12-01

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