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1.1 General
This document deals with the technical requirements to minimize the specific railway hazards of self-propelled road-rail machines - henceforward referred to as machines - and associated equipment, which can arise during the commissioning, operation and maintenance of the machines when carried out in accordance with the specification given by the manufacturer or his authorized representative.
These risks are normally common regardless of the track gauge. However, additional requirements can apply for travelling and working on infrastructures with narrow gauge or broad gauge lines, railways utilizing other than adhesion between the rail and rail wheels and underground infrastructures.
This document is also applicable for machines and associated equipment that in working configuration are partly supported on the ballast or the formation. Such machines are capable of independent self-propelled movement on the ground.
This document does not apply to the following:
- the requirements for quality of the work or performance of the machine;
- the specific requirements established by the machine operator for the use of machines, which will be the subject of negotiation between the manufacturer and the Infrastructure Manager;
- moving and working while not on rails;
- separate machines temporarily mounted on machines and associated equipment;
- demountable machines as defined in 3.2;
- trailers as defined in 3.3, including road-rail trailers.
Vehicles which are not track-guided themselves but have attachments that are track-guided are not road-rail machines.
The requirements within this document are amended and added to by the requirements in EN 15746 4 for machines designed and intended to use urban rail.
This document does not establish the additional requirements for the following:
- operation subject to special rules, e.g. potentially explosive atmospheres;
- hazards due to natural causes, e.g. earthquake, lightning, flooding;
- working methods;
- op ...


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Internationell titel: Railway applications - Track - Road-rail machines and associated equipment - Part 1: Technical requirements for travelling and working

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